Hellen Killer…April Winchell.. A Custom 3-D Clay Portrait By Request..

I opened my shop set it all up. I had to tell them where I would ship to.

I must of hit something wrong because a while after I had opened and was almost ready to close it up..

I received a message from April Winchell if I would be really to ship to the USA….

I thought WHAT! She talking about?

I looked it up!  and I more less said I would send any where BUT THE USA.

And I live in the USA that was really DUMB!!!

No wonder I never got even a nibble from someone…

I know I’m telling on myself but what can I say I’m only HUMAN… Here’s April Winchell


2011 APRIL WINCHELL done yes post (3) - Copy2011 APRIL WINCHELL done yes post (5) - Copy

Here is her link to my shop… https://www.etsy.com/listing/67558031/hellen-killerapril-winchell-a-custom-3-d?ref=shop_home_active_19

“Nadine” My 3D Polymer Clay Portrait

nadine2 This is Nadine and this is the 1st Nadine I made.. It was all clay it still has a wood frame under the clay but it didn’t stay together well and was a lot of money in clay. The crystals behind her was for the Christmas tree and worked ok…


This is the real Nadine well at least her photo…

becky 008

This is the finished piece again…

It feel of the wall and cracked so I cut her out and did the back ground differently I added fabric for the back ground and glazed it and the frame.. Haven’t decided if I should add crystals again…

What do you think? Should I add the crystals please comment at bottom.. Thanks..