This is my 2nd try at figurine… my mom…  Scary huh??  Mom does not like it at all.. Made in 2006 And let me say thanks for checking it out…

She doesn’t say well that’s just all full…mom (6) But she did say whats with the mouth??? she does have a big smile in the picture.. but!!!!      I did over do it..

Here is the picture I put on the corner of her sculpture

mom (4)

Here is her polished toes don’t they look fancy???

mom (7)

She has polished finger nails as you can see.   I cheated with her hands I used Hand cookie cutters…that why there so big. Hay I was new at this..

mom (8)

I made wire frames for her glasses… Her lip stick is fading away.. The natural look…

mom (9)

This picture show her jewelry of necklace and pins she also has gold buttons on her jacket..

mom (10)

All in all I have learned a lot of things since I made this one..

My shop…

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