In 2006 my dad past away the year was tough and it was hard to go on with out him..

I have always been a crafter but that’s when  I discovered…..CLAY…..I love it!! When I started with clay one afternoon I had a picture of my dad so I made a 14 inch clay figure of him…

And here it is.. REMEMBER I was new at this….

14 inch dad 014 Now don’t laugh to hard…OK go ahead its funny I know. What was really silly was that everyone loved it I know they didn’t want to hurt my feelings…14 inch dad 016 The thing in his hands is a pool stick yes I know it is not long enough but it will have to do…Yes I know its pink but it was a gift from me to him so what’s he going to say sorry honey don’t like the color take it back!  NO my dad was a sweet heart cause he said he loved it and kissed me for giving it to him…

14 inch dad 009 Hay it looks like his shoes are tied right? 14 inch dad 010Middle half don’t you just love that plaid shirt ! Hay give me a break 1st time doing a plaid cane…

14 inch dad 012I know his nose is to big, glasses are off size to but what you going to do with a nose like that….He really didn’t look like this I know this now but It was the 1st thing in clay I made….

Scan0004This is his real picture so now you know were the plaid shirt came from and glasses I guess they were a little big here but his nose isn’t..

Well thanks for checking out my 1st clay experience…. hope you keep checking I do get better…

Here is my shop..


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